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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Actually getting followers.

That is my fucking referral link. So why don't you nice people click on it and sign up to get some free shit too? we'll all help each other out, and we'll all get free stuff in the end....

lol but seriously. Help me get my iPad and then you guys can post your referral links here too :)

Freebie Jeebies!!

Alright guys, I know a lot of you are pretty skeptical about all those websites out there promising free electronics and it turns out to be total shit. There is good news, freebiejeebies is 100% legitimate site and its pretty easy to get your free ipad, macbook, xbox, or whatever. All you gotta do is complete one of their offers and refer x amount of friends to the website (what i'm doing now lol ;) ) I need 24 referrals for a 64gig ipad and I'm almost half way there! If you wanna get in on this and get your free shit, go to

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Need help getting referrals?

If you're stuck trying to gather those much needed referrals, eXceem is a great forum to help accomplish this. Its a forum devoted specifically to the incentive freebie website (IFW) world. Its got a sub forum for (the website where I'm trying to get an ipad from). Its got everything you need to help you on getting your item. You might want to look into what a "conga line" is... :)